A way of saying Thank you!

So in January of 2017 I am going to go and do something amazing. I am going to live for eight months as a dojosei, or live in student, under Joe Thambu shihan in Melbourne Australia.

This would have been naught but a pipe dream if it were not for some incredible people who have supported me in this endeavor, not just financially, but also emotionally! When I explained my plans to a bemused teacher at a parent’s evening one time, he flippantly remarked “you never can tell what your children are going to do!” This is quite the case, and I first off want to thank my parents  and my sister for sticking with me on this one despite not having the faintest idea why getting thrown on the floor repeatedly for eight months is my idea of fun! Despite this they have loved and supported me and helped me to make this dream a reality so Mum, Dad, Daisy… Thank you!

Secondly there is a whole host of people who have helped my get to this stage, not least my extended family, who continue (for some still largely unfathomable reason!) to love and support me. Clare, David, Julian, Christine, Jan, Sally. Thank you so much for everything each and every one of you has done for me over the years! I have no doubt that it has made me the stronger and better person that I am today, and I know that I could not have ever made it this far without all of you!

Finally I have to thank the people who train and teach me every day. Bob, Simon and Mark, my three sensei at school whose patience and kindness despite my cack-handedness is greatly appreciated! My training partners Jonathan and Alex for taking countless falls and enduring my over-zealous attempts to “demonstrate” new techniques that have resulted in many a twinged digit! And finally to John, without whom this whole adventure would never have been possible!

Thank you all and if you follow the posts I will make here I hope that you enjoy them!



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One Response to A way of saying Thank you!

  1. Logen Lanka says:

    Congrats, fellow Aikidoka. Have a great time training in Melbourne!

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